Challenges constructs of disability

disrupting/Undoing was a collaborative project organized through Diversity & Equity Initiatives, the Inclusive Design Research Centre and the Criticism and Curatorial Department of OCADU. The week-long event was undertaken by faculty, staff and students of OCADU to present works of art and design innovations that challenge our current constructs of disability. It took place at the Open Gallery, 49 McCaul St. April 1 to 5, 2013. The event was co-ordinated by David H. Pereyra post-doctoral fellow at the Inclusive Design Research Centre, together with Cathy Berry, OCAD U’s accessibility manager. Graduate students from the Master of Inclusive Design and Criticism and Curatorial Practice helped throughout the whole event. 

It represented a collaborative, landmark effort towards what aims to become a significant annual event. This year’s goal was to pose a challenge to disrupt and reframe the concept of disability while featuring a diverse aesthetic experience.

disrupting/Undoing 2013 from D. H. Pereyra on Vimeo.

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