Curriculum Vitae

David H. Pereyra, MArch, PhD


  • Post-Doctoral Fellow. OCAD U. IDRC.  
  • PhD. Philosophy in Theology. University of Toronto. 
  • MA in Theology. University of St. Michael’s College, Toronto. 
  • MA Architect. Universidad de Buenos Aires. Argentina.



Pereyra, David H. Proclaiming Holy Scriptures: A Study of Place and Ritual. Abingdon, UK: Routledge, 2020.

Book review of Frank C. Send, Embodied Liturgy, (Minneapolis, MN: Fortress Press) in Religion and the Arts, (Leiden and Boston: Brill, vol. 22, issue 5 (2018).

Forgiveness in Perspective. Edited by Francesca Dominello and David H. Pereyra. Oxford, UK: Inter-Disciplinary Press, 2016.

“The Sacrament of Reconciliation in the Roman Catholic Church: Where an Experience of Mercy and Forgiveness can Fail.” In Forgiveness in Perspective. Editors: Francesca Dominello and David H. Pereyra. Oxford, UK: Inter-Disciplinary Press, 2016.

“Accessibility for Different Abilities: A Report,” in Canadian Journal of Disability Studies, vol. 5, issue 1. (Waterloo: 2016).

Book review of Helen Gittos, Liturgy, Architecture, and Sacred Places in Anglo-Saxon  England, (Oxford: Oxford University Press) in Religion and the Arts, ((Leiden and Boston: Brill), vol. 20, issue 1-2 (2016): 241-242.

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Review of the symposium Sacred Space – Architecture for Worship in the 21st Century (Yale University) in Journal of Architectural Education, vol. 62, issue 2 (2008): 72-73.

Brokeback Mountain & the Breakdown of Myths, Place and Space, Student Christian Movement of Canada, national magazine.

Conference Papers & Presentation 

  • Online Seminar Sacred Architecture at Domuni Universitas. October 2020. International.
  • Online Seminar Our Doors Are Open at Domuni Universitas. October 2019 to November 2019. International.
  • Parliament of World’s Religions. Toronto, November 3, 2018. Workshop: Our Doors Are Open.
  • Interfaith Seminar: Opening Your Doors: Welcoming People with DisAbilities in Places of Worship. Toronto, September 8, 2018. Presentation: Making Buildings and Facilities Accessible. OCAD University.
  • 12th International Gathering of the Ecclesiological Investigations. The Church and Migration: Global In-Difference? Toronto, June 25-27, 2018. Presentation: Our Doors are Open. University of St. Michael’s College.
  • 2nd Seminario Internacional: Diseño de Productos, Basado en la Interacción, la Experiencia y las Emociones. Santiago de Chile, Chile. November 2017. Presentation: Diseño Inclusivo e Incluyente: El lugar donde el usuario se transforma en protagonista.Universidad de Chile: Facultad de Arquitectura y Urbanismo.
  • 8th Seminario Internacional de Investigación en Diseño and 6th Encuentro de Semilleros de investigación en Diseño. Cuenca, Ecuador. October 2016. Keynote speaker. Presentation: Inclusive Design, Inclusive Design Research Centre at OCAD University. Universidad Azuay.
  • The Society of Christian Ethics: Annual Meeting. Toronto. January 2016. Panel Presentation: Cosmopolitanism and Christian Ethics: Navigating the Complexities of Latino/a Identity across the Canadian-U.S. border. Panelists: Jeremy Cruz, St. John’s University; Nestor Medina, Regent University; David Pereyra, University of OCAD University; Rene Sanchez, University of Portland.
  • International Conference: Vatican II: The Promise of Renewal. University of St. Michael’s College, University of Toronto. Ontario, Canada. May 2015. Presentation: The Danger of Taking our Current Rituals for Granted.
  • Keynote Speaker – Workshop: La Palabra a través del cuerpo del Lector en la Liturgia de la Palabra. Catedral de Chascomus. Buenos Aires, Argentina. December 2014.
  • Conference on Patristic Preaching and its History of Reception. Pappas Patristic Institute, Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology, Boston, MA. October 2014. Plenary Session: Ritual Places for Reading Sacred Scriptures and Preaching: the Ambo in early Christian Worship.
  • Co-Chair of the Architecture, Culture & Spirituality (ACS). Six Annual ACS Symposium. The 2014 Symposium: The Architecture of Spirituality in a Multicultural Setting at Trinity College in the University of Toronto. June 2014, Toronto. Presentation: Developing a Contemporary Sacred Space Identity in a Multicultural Setting.
  • Inter-Disciplinary.Net. 6th Global Conference on “Forgiveness: Probing the Bounderies” Oxford University, UK. July 2013. Presentation: Strengths and Inadequacies of Rituals of Forgiveness.
  • Silence and Religion in Film. International Conference on Film and Religion, organized by the Dutch Research Group “Moving Visions” and the International Research Group “Film und Theologie,” Faculty of Theology and Religious Sciences (State) University of Groningen. Nederland. June 2013. Presentation: Wholehearted Silence Complete a Meaningful Conversation.
  • Sociedad Argentina de Teología. XXXI Semana Argentina de Teología. “Discursos científicos y discursos teológicos. Creer en el contexto de los nuevos saberes.” Buenos Aires, Argentina. July 2012. Presentation: El lenguaje del juego, del símbolo y de la fiesta. La celebración litúrgica como experiencia de lo trascendente.
  • European Architectural History Network. Second International Meeting. June 2012. Palais des Académies, Brussels, Belgium. Presentation: Rediscovering Architecture’s Role in the Proclamation of Sacred Scriptures.
  • Commun(icat)ing Bodies. The Body & Religion Conference. February 2012. University of Graz, Austria. Presentation: The Word through the Lector’s Body: The Medium for Proclamation.
  • Fellowship of Catholic Scholars: The Catholic Mind & the Prophetic Voice of the Arts. October 2011. Loretto College, University of Toronto. Ontario, Canada. Presentation: The Marginalization of the Beauty in Impoverished Communities.
  • Architecture, Culture & Spirituality (ACS). Second Annual ACS Symposium. The 2010 Symposium had three open sessions: Place and Scholarship; Theory and Philosophy; Design, Art, and Process. Abbey at St. John’s University in Collegeville, MN, USA. Presentation: Play, Symbol, and Festival in Liturgical Environment.

Academic Experience

  • Coordinator of the Liturgy Seminar. Toronto School of Theology. University of Toronto. Since 2009.
  • Coordinator and Creator of IN Series. A series of public presentations and events hosted by the Inclusive Design Institute. OCAD University on a wide variety of topics from the field of inclusion: accessibility, health, education, art, culture and design.
  • Instructor of the course “Early Christian Art in Cultural Context.” Faculty of Theology. University of St. Michael’s College, Toronto.
  • Instructor of the course “History of Christianity I to 850 CE.” Faculty of Theology. University of St. Michael’s College, Toronto.   
  • Instructor of the seminar “Our Doors Are Open. Faculty of Theology. Domuni Universitas, Bruxelles.
  • Instructor of the course “Islamic Art.” Continuing Education Division. University of St. Michael’s College, Toronto.
  • Instructor of the course “Christian Imagination I: Visual Arts.” Faculty of Art and Sciences. University of St. Michael’s College, University of Toronto.
  • Instructor of the course “Liturgy I and II.” Faculty of Theology. Domuni Universitas, Belgium and France.
  • Instructor of the course “Early Christian Art.” Part I and II. Continuing Education Division. University of St. Michael’s College, Toronto.
  • Adjunct Professor in Research and Graduate Studies. Faculty of Design and Office of Research & Graduate Studies, OCAD University, Toronto. 2012-2017.
  • Instructor of the course “Encountering Sacred Space and Sacred Places.” Continuing Education. University of St. Michael’s College, Toronto.
  • Instructor of the course “The Organic Development of Sacred Architecture.” Continuing Education. University of St. Michael’s College, Toronto.
  • Instructor of the course “Contemporary Sacred Architecture.” Continuing Education. University of St. Michael’s College, Toronto.
  • Instructor of the course “Understanding Religious Architecture Today.” Continuing Education. University of St. Michael’s College, Toronto.
  • Guest Lecturer: Christopher Alexander’s Fifteen Properties of Good Design.” Invited by John D. Dadosky, Associate Professor of Theology for the course “Philosophy and Theology of Beauty.” Faculty of Theology, Regis College, University of Toronto. October 2012, and 2014.
  • Guest Lecturer: Play, Symbol and Festival: Criteria for Sacred Spaces.” Invited by Cheryl Giraudy, Associate Dean of Faculty of Design for the course “Myth, Beliefs & Imagery.” Faculty of Design, OCAD University. September 19, 2012.
  • Associate professor of Sacred Architecture, Theory and Practice. Faculty of Architecture. Universidad Católica Argentina, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 1994-1999 

Research Experience

OCAD University – Inclusive Design Research Center. Toronto, Canada

Dr. Pereyra’s academic and research centres on interdisciplinary aspects of our multicultural society, as expressed through art, music, film, worship, multimedia, technology and sacred spaces. He is particularly interested in how creative experiences of transmitting information and communication can reach users and vice-versa. At the Inclusive Design Research Centre, David is responsible for outreach, collaboration and community engagement. He develops and maintains a community of expert advisors from the disability community who collaborate in workshops, accessibility challenges and sensitivity training activities in different projects. These activities are as diverse as setting/learning policies, designing built environments, developing services, creating accessible workflows, and workshops; including managing the events and exhibits at the Open Gallery at 49 McCaul Street in Toronto. 

Current leading projects: 
  • We Count. The project addresses barriers to participation and employment for persons with disabilities in the rapidly growing data economy. At the same time, the project tackles bias and exclusion of persons with disabilities in data systems and ensure that these systems recognize, understand and serve people with disabilities by creating innovative machine learning strategies and addressing data gaps. The project will increase knowledge, establish skills, develop inclusive data tools and create a forum whereby the Canadian disability community can help shape the rapidly evolving data economy in more inclusive directions. I am coordinating all the outreach activities of the project.
  • BIG IDeA. This project brings together businesses, customers with lived experience of disability and the next generation of business leaders to collaboratively advance accessibility innovation in Ontario and create a culture of accessibility and inclusion. The Inclusive Design Research Centre leads a consortium that is develop and implementing this BIG IDeA pilot. BIG IDeA developed a platform to support businesses in Ontario in leading and innovating accessible and inclusive practices.
  • Our Doors Are Open: Welcoming People with Disabilities at Places of Worship. Our Doors was developed to offer diverse faith communities in Ontario simple and creative ideas to help increase inclusion and accessibility for people with disabilities in worship services, events and all activities of the community. More and more, new voices are challenging old approaches to understanding and explaining accessibility and inclusion. Our Door’s team of experts have lived experience of disabilities and they have given special attention to issues of inclusion raised by members of disability organizations and by voices from the disability community.
Post-Doctoral Fellowship
  • “Community of Researchers and People within the Larger Community and diversity of End Users Engagement.” One overarching purpose and commitment of the IDRC is to conduct inclusive participatory design involving the larger community and a diversity of end users.  This implies that over 90 listed collaborating organizations. This community engagement is being organized by David Pereyra. His research is the exploration of methods in which to maximize the level of participation of users, knowing that participation is the foundation of the IDRC success. 
  • Organized a Public Forum to gather comment on the progress towards achieving the goals for accessibility set out in the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) and its standards. The event began with a opening remarks by Dean Mayo Moran of the Faculty of Law, University of Toronto. Dean Moran was conducting the second independent review of the province’s accessibility legislation. More than 60 people attended the May 26th, 2014 event.
  • Organized a Public Debate to get public feedback on the proposed amendment to the Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation (Ontario Regulation 191/11). The amendment includes accessibility standards for the Design of Public Space (Accessibility Standards for the Built Environment) and housekeeping regulation amendments. Forty-one organizations were invited to participate. More than 70 people attended the September 17th, 2012 event.
  • Actively involved with various organizations to facilitate collaboration such as ARCH: Disability Law Centre, AMI: Accessible Media, Light, Camera Access, and others. Worked with a multidisciplinary team in a project called “Disrupting / Undoing: The Current Construct of Disability”. The project was a collaboration between the Criticism & Curatorial Practice, Diversity & Equity Initiatives, and the Inclusive Design Research Centre at OCAD University. April 2013.
  • Started IN Series with the help of one undergraduate student. The IN Series is a sequence of public presentations, which promotes discussion and engagement on a wide variety of topics about Inclusion – Disability, Accessibility, Health, Education, Culture and the Arts.
  • Assisted CILT: Centre for Independent Living in Toronto, to set-up an annual conference “Aging with Disability: Maintaining Independence Our Way”, in the Participatory Inclusive Design Lab at 49 McCaul St.

Working Experience as a Designer

  • Designer and worship planner for St. Michael’s Chapel. St Michael’s College, University of Toronto. 2011-2012.
  • Planning and leading Worship activities. Dominican Community in Toronto. 2010-2014.       
  • Planning and leading the Ecumenical Liturgy for the 40th Anniversary of the Toronto School of Theology. 201.
  • Consultant for the Rene Goupil House Chapel at the Manresa Jesuit House for   priests with physical challenges. Pickering. Ontario. 2006-2007        
  • Designer and worship planner for the annual Artists’ Mass, Regis College, Toronto. 2004-2014.
  • Coordinator of Inclusive Programs and Activities, Spanish Centre for Language & Culture, Toronto, Canada. 2000-present. 
  • Director of Industrial and Social Promotion, Municipality Esteban Echeverría, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 1997-1999.
  • Director of Architectural Planning, Municipality Esteban Echeverría, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 1995-1996.

Working Experience as an Architect 

Planning and Construction of:

  • Project for a chapel at St Joseph’s College at University of Alberta. Edmonton – Canada. 2014-2015        
  • Project for a new altar, ambo and presidential chair for the chapel at St Mary’s University. Calgary – Canada. 2012-2013.      
  • Dominican Centro for Preaching at the University of Toronto. Toronto – Canada. 2011-2012        
  • Metropolitan Church Inmaculada Concepción. Buenos Aires – Argentina. 1998-2000        
  • Community Centre San Antonio de Padua. Buenos Aires –  Argentina. 1998-1999        
  • San Francisco de Asis College. Remodelation. Lanús – Argentina. 1997-1998        
  • Community Centre and Parish Church Asunción de María. Buenos Aires – Argentina. 1996-2002        
  • Interior Renovation Parish Church Nuestra Señora de Itatí. Buenos Aires – Argentina. 1994-1996        
  • Historical Chapel Santa Ana de Glew – Soldi Frescos. Buenos Aires – Argentina. 1994-1996        
  • Community Centre San Antonio. Buenos Aires – Argentina. 1994-1995        
  • Community Centre House Nuestra Señora del Valle. Ezeiza – Argentina. 1994-1995        
  • Community Centre Nuestra Señora de Lourdes. Argentina. 1993-1996        
  • San Juan Highschool. Remodelation. Buenos Aires – Argentina. 1993-1994        
  • Community Centre SJM Vianney. Buenos Aires – Argentina. 1993-1995        
  • Inmaculada Concepcion College. Highschool and Undergraduate Program. Argentina. 1992-1998        
  • Formation Centre, Seminary Diócesis de Lomas de Zamora. Argentina. 1989-1990        


Alumnus at Massey College. University of Toronto. Canada. 2010-present    

Advance Degree Students’ Association Council Representative at Toronto School of Theology. 2009-2011        

Official Member at the Association of Architects of Buenos Aires, Argentina. 1996-1999        

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