Christianity in Latin America


This is a comprehensive course on the study of Christianity in the context of Latin America. After exploring the history of religion in colonial Latin America. Specific issues and topics that are covered: 1) colonial development of Latin American Catholicism; 2) Jesuit contributions to Latin American religion and issues of criollo/mestizo and indigenous inculturation; 3) rise of liberalism, political revolution, and national religious contexts; national church consolidations and the development of specific cultural Catholicism (Mexican, Cuban, Columbian, etc); 4) early Latin American Protestantism and its evolution; 5) Social Catholicism, Catholic Action, and the Christian Democracy movement; 6) Latin American contributions to Vatican II; 7) post-Vatican II Catholicism and Liberal Protestantism and rise of Liberation Theology and political reactions; 8) rise of Protestant Evangelicalism and indigenous religious movements and their effects on national and regional politics and public policies; and 9) new trends of Catholic lay movements, Mormonism, and Evangelicals; 10) Aparecida: where Francis’ Pontificate Began. 11) The Ecclesiology of Pope Francis.


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