About me

David at CBC radio station with Tapestry.

I am an architect from the University of Buenos Aires Argentina, and doctor in Theology from the University of St Michael’s College at the University of Toronto. Since 2012, I work at a researcher at the Inclusive Design Research Centre at OCAD University in Toronto. Teaching is one of my passions, I am instructor at the Faculty of Theology at St Michael’s College and at the Faculty of Liberal Arts at OCADU both in Toronto, Canada.

My personal Interest

For over two decades my personal interests and academic focus center on interdisciplinary aspects of our multicultural society, as expressed through art history, philosophy, music, film, worship, multimedia, technology and sacred spaces.

My focus

Since 1985, my academic focus has been the interaction of ritual activities and space, in order to strengthen the dialogue between contemporary life, culture, and the rites of everyday life.

My work

At the Inclusive Design Research Centre, I am responsible for outreach, collaboration and community engagement. I develop and maintain a community of expert advisors from the disability community who collaborate in workshops, accessibility challenges and sensitivity training activities in different projects. These activities are as diverse as setting/learning policies, designing built environments, developing services, creating accessible workflows, and workshops; including managing the events and exhibits at the OCAD U Open Gallery at 49 McCaul Street in Toronto. 

My expertise

My area of expertise is the trans-disciplinary study and comparison of phenomenological and hermeneutical aspects in architecture and ritual, in a multidimensional perspective, across philosophy, art forms, place and space.

My research

In my both theses at the University of Toronto, I worked to investigate how to free boundaries in space and in communication. The aim of my research is to discover ways in which rituals and art expressions can deepen the experience and knowledge, and increase accessibility, for people in vulnerable situations. 

My background

My Latin American, European and North American multi-cultural background greatly enriches my experience of the world and my scholarly work.

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