Teacher-Scholar Panel: Inclusive Worship, Reconciliation, and Public Witness

Calvin Institute of Christian Worship – 2022 Online Grants Event

John Witvliet, moderator.

David Pereyra (OCAD University)

To gather diverse worshiping communities in online workshops and webinars in order to create a culture of inclusion by assessing inclusive thinking, helping communities develop strategies to increase their inclusivity, and gathering data to develop on online reference guide on accessibility that will empower faith leaders to use varied strategies of inclusion.

Sarah Travis (Knox College)

To create and field-test a preaching and liturgical resource addressing reconciliation among Settler Canadians and Indigenous peoples for the Presbyterian Church in Canada, based on two Calls to Action from the Canadian Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

Paul Heintzman (University of Ottawa)

To investigate how Christian worship and leisure influence each other in order to better understand the relationship between them, so that Christian worship may be enhanced, and the leisure of Christians can also be enriched.

Demetrius K. Williams (University of Wisconsin Milwaukee)

To explore the cross of Christ in African American Christian experience as motivation for piety, political engagement, and social protest by researching spirituals, narratives, sermons, and other resources that highlight the importance of the cross of Christ for notions of freedom and the unity of humanity in the church’s public witness.

From the Calvin Institute of Christian Worhsip: https://worship.calvin.edu/resources/resource-library/teacher-scholar-panel-inclusive-worship-reconciliation-and-public-witness

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