The Lector: Medium for Proclaiming Holy Scriptures

At this point in time, as we physically distance and isolate in response to COVID-19, there is no shortage of those who, provocatively, are considering new opportunities through virtual celebrations, replacing the human voice with the voice of artificial intelligence and supplanting paper texts with electronic and digital technologies. There have also been attempts to make touchscreen ambos. At the bottom of these initiatives, coming from different environments and sensitivities, certain efforts can be detected toward understanding the ritual action’s extraordinary power. This is why it is also a time to be inspired by the opportunity to preserve various elements of the traditional ritual of proclaiming Holy Scriptures, and more specifically, to find new ways to enhance the symbolic value of reading scriptures intended explicitly for the liturgy. Re-enacting the word of God during worship has the power, as Karen Armstrong writes, for men and women to “discover the divine within themselves and the world in which they live.” This webinar proposes to dive into the realm of emotions and experiences that bring the “Liturgy of the Word” into a transcendental experience.

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