St Kateri Tekakwitha’s Chapel

St Joseph’s College at University of Alberta. Edmonton. Canada

The notion that architecture is the realization of an idea, that it evolves and changes from conception to conclusion through the equivalent of a rhetorical device, may explain in part our relationship to buildings that we both look upon and inhabit. They exemplify our concept of space, as well as our ideas about society and the individual.

Alberto Manguel, Reading Pictures

A committee directed by Campus Ministry at St. Joseph’s College at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, asked me to design the interior of their new chapel: “St Kateri Tekakwitha”, know as Lily of the Mohawks. I submitted two proposals based on their requirements and needs. I called the first proposal “Assembly” and the second “Forum.”


Proposal Selected: Forum

This is the floor-plan of the chapel. The altar is at the centre and there are  chairs around the altar. The floor plan is a triangle.

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