A Study of Place and Ritual

The place of reading is important, not only because it provides a physical setting for the text being read, but because it suggests, by juxtaposing itself with the place on the page, that both share the same hermeneutic quality, both tempting the reader with the challenge of elucidation.

Alberto Manguel, A History of Reading

After completing my doctoral studies and impulsed by my mentor, I started to think about bringing my thesis ideas into a book. My work at the Inclusive Design Research Centre, the Liturgy Seminar’s coordination at the Toronto School of Theology, and my teaching at the Faculty of Theology at St Michael’s College and OCAD University gave me new perspectives and horizons. I aimed to integrate different areas that are my passion: theology, liturgy, architecture, comparative religions, and inclusive design. My dream comes through in a book that provides a comprehensive study on the proclamation of Holy Scriptures as an enacted celebration and its function as a performance within sacralized theatrical spaces.

Scripture is integral to religious life within Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. These traditions have venerated the reading of texts from an appointed place as a sacred act. Thus, the study of how these readings are conducted illuminates some vitally essential aspects of this widespread act of worship.